‘Vaanam’ Pola!

The sky is a vast and a beautiful thing, that infact makes us look up to something every other time, either consciously or unconsciously. The patterns we see, the colours we see – a nature’s canvas that paints pictures just for us to look at it and admire it. More often than not, the term ‘vaanam’ is used by our lyricists in many Tamil songs. It is ok even if have not paid attention to it. We at Raaga.com bring out an exclusive list of songs on the ‘sky’, just to make your life as colourful and as vibrant as the sky. 

When we think of ‘vaanam’, the immediate song that pops into our head is ofcourse ‘pudhiya vaanam pudhiya bhoomi’. And why this song? MGR makes a wonderful appearance and enthralls the audience. Even today there is no replacement for this song from the movie ‘Pudhiya Bhoomi’. What a commanding role he has in the song!

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Infact all of us of the famous movie ‘Orey vaanam ore bhoomi’ too which also has a brilliant collection of songs. Another famous song is ‘Indha vaanam indha bhoomi’ from the movie ‘Katradhu kaialavu’. This song has been sung by Hariharan and Anuradha Sriram and ofcourse has the word vaanam in it.

Ofcourse the course that is currently running in all our heads is from the recent entrant – Kochadaiyaan – ‘Engo pogudhe vaanam’ , a beautiful number composed by A.R.Rahman depicting a lot of grandeur in the song by itself too. 

A light listen is the song ‘Vaanam Vasapadume’ from the movie titled in the same manner. Famous theatre artist Karthik kumar is the hero in the movie. The song ‘Vizhigalil aruginil vaanam’ is another light listen song and ofcourse the lyrics by itself does the talking to bring out the beauty of the song. 

‘Nila adhu vaanathil mele’ belongs to a completely different genre by itself but ofcourse we all love it, thanks to the racy rhythms.

Thus we understand that our poets do love the word ‘Vaanam’ and the usage ofcourse differs according to the situation. Nevertheless – it is always as beautiful as the vaanam we see everyday!

Vaanam Padalgal