Rajinikanth Protest Against His 'Personality Rights' And Infringement!

For the first in the history of Indian cinema an actor has protested against 'personality rights' and infringement. The actor is none other but the Demi God of Southern Cinema and the iconic superstar of Indian cinema, Rajinikanth

Superstar Rajinikanth on Wednesday filed a petitioned in the Madras High Court against Mumbai based Varsha Production House seeking a stay on the release of its forthcoming Bollywood film MAIN HOON RAJINIKANTH.

The petition has been filed against the movie’s directed Faisal Saif and its producer Mrs.Saroj who have made a Bollywood film MAIN HOON RAJINIKANTH to bank on the popularity of national heartthrob Rajnikanth

A furious Rajnikanth in his petition has lambasted that he has ‘never endorsed’ any film or product using his name as it might ‘mislead his loyal fans’. Rajini also contended that a film based on his “name or image” is a violation of his “privacy” and accused the producer of cashing on his “super hero image”. 

The Tamil superstar also said that neither the film’s producer nor director had approached him seeking ‘written’ or ‘oral’ permission to use his name in the film. Rajnikanth further said the film might defame him and upset his huge devoted fan base.

Another serious allegation against the movie according to Rajinikanth is that the producer had shamelessly lifted several iconic scenes from Rajinikanth’s various hit movies by including in his forthcoming feature film without seeking permission from him or the concerned filmmakers, alleging it to be immoral and unethical. 

It may be noted in the film MAIN HOON RAJINIKANTH, South Indian actor Adithya Menon makes his debut as a hero in Bollywood. He portrays a C.B.I Officer-cum-Contract Killer named Rajinikanth Rao and bluntly copies the caricatured style of Rajnikanth from Rajinikanth's indisputable acting ability, charisma, mannerisms and stylized delivery of dialogues. 

Justice S Tamilvanan who is looking into the case granted interim injunction restraining Varsha Productions from releasing the film with that title and content. The court said as per Article 21 of the Constitution, everyone is entitled to lead a dignified life and no one can cause damage to the fame or reputation to any person against law. It further said available material placed before the court and arguments of Rajnikanth’s counsel showed that film degrades the reputation of a popular cine field personality.

Interestingly director Faisal Saif defending himself said the film is a comedy and a tribute to the living superstar and cultural icon of Tamil cinema Rajinikanth.