‘MUTTHAM’ - A Symbol Of Love

A kiss is something we give our dear ones. Be it a kid, someone our age to someone very old, a lover – any relationship for that matter, a ‘kiss’ stands as a symbol of love. Today we take a look at Tamil songs that have the word ‘Muttham’ in them. The usage in each of the song maybe different but ofcourse it does mean – the gentle kiss.

In the movie 12 B, the song ‘Muttham muttham mutthama ,moondraam ulaga yudhayama’ falls under a situation where there is a romantic encounter between the hero and the heroine and thus they sing for each other. The catchy rhythm and the creative sets caught the attention of many when this song was released.

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Who said only humans can feel the purity of love through a kiss? Even other living creatures can! And the song ‘Chittu kuruvi muttham kuduka’ from the movie Pudhiya Paravai. The heroine enjoys the blissful situation of being one with nature.

A wonderful,lilting duet featuring Shobana and Kamal Haasan is Mutham PodaadheEnnakul oruvan. A classy duet sung by S.P.B and Janaki, this is a sure-shot romantic hit amongst the audience.

The song ‘Nee muttham ondru kuduthaal’ from Pokiri is a wonderful duet, perfectly suiting the current generation, in terms of lyrics and the tune in which the song has been set in. The locations also attribute well with the situation.The song ‘Naan muttham thinbaval’ from Guru too is a new-age song one could say considering placement of notes and the magnificient usage of the instruments, a typical A.R.Rahman piece with a lot of innovation. The song takes upon a lot of westernism in the way it has been structured.

From the movie Kannathil muttham ital, the song ‘Oru Deivam thandha’ the chorus runs as ‘Kannathil muttham ital’. One should admire the nature of love portrayed here – between the father and the daughter and between the mother and the daughter , seen in two variations , as two different songs.

Muttham Songs