Has Salman Khan / Shah Rukh Rivalry Ended?

Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan’s rivalry is well known but it seems after the duo hugged each other at this year’s Ramzan Iftaar party of politician Baba Sidiqqui’s in Bandra, Mumbai, the two have developed a soft corner to each other. 

If not Shah Rukh but Salman Khan has definitely buried the past brawls as the KICK star has not only appreciated Shah Rukh’s eight pack abs but has declared to promote SRK’s forthcoming movie HAPPY NEW YEAR in his most poplular TV show Bigg Boss. 

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In an interview to a leading TV news channel Salman Khan said, “We will do a lot of promotions of HAPPY NEW YEAR. The team does not need to worry. Though it is up to SRK and his team, if they want to come to the show or not, we will promote it.” 

It may be noted earlier Farah Khan, director of HAPPY NEW YEAR, in her Facebook post wrote, “Salman to promote SRK’s HAPPY NEW YEAR during the launch of his TV reality show Bigg Boss.”

It may noted when Shah Rukh Khan released the photos of his eight pack abs in the movie HAPPY NEW YEAR many of SRK detractors criticized it claiming they are doctored using commuter technology. Nevertheless Salman Khan tight lipped all the critics saying they are 100 per cent genuine and not fake. 

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Praising Shah Rukh Khan’s eight pack abs Salman Khan said, “I am really impressed with the way SRK has worked on his body. He is really fit. It takes a lot of hard work to get into that shape, and I know because I do that kind of hard work.”

He added, “Hence I know, It is not a fake 8 pack. He has become really ribbed. In fact that picture that you see is not even touched up picture, it’s a raw picture.”

Thus such appreciation coming from Salman Khan’s end make us wonder is the legendary Salman Khan / Shah Rukh rivalry ended?