Dev Anand - Bollywood’s First Fashion Icon

Har fikar ko dhuen mein udata chala gaya 

This song from the movie HUM DONO aptly captures the essence of the life of Evergreen Actor ‘Dev Anand’, who was the most cheerful, the eternal and really the most durable romantics of our time, in fact, for five generations! His autobiography was thus appropriately titled ‘Romancing with Life’. September 26, marks the birthday of this legendary actor; Raaga.Com remembers him and takes a look at the typical Dev Anand style. 

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Dev Anand was perhaps Bollywood’s ‘First Star’ who can be rightly termed as a Fashion Icon. Be it his silky mop of hair with an Elvis-like puff on the forehead that created a craze among the youngsters of the 50’s and the 60’s or the caps, particularly the iconic, checkered print cap worn by Dev Anand in the film JEWEL THIEF or his scarves, mufflers, jacket and wearing sweaters on shoulders were all a rage among his fans. 

His typical walking style the manner of speaking, the full-sleeved shirts everything about Dev Anand was a style statement. However readers would be rather surprised to know that Dev Anand himself never developed any style as such it was the people who loved it and it became a fashion icon. 

In an interview Dev Anand had candidly confessed, “There is no Dev Anand style. I have longer arms than my coats so I pull them up and I like it. If you love yourself, when you are going to a party and you meet a lot of wonderful people, you look at yourself in a mirror and ask yourself what sort of shirt and suit you are wearing. If you like yourself, you are going to conquer. That’s self-confidence.”