When we wake up every day morning, we always first pray to the Sun God for bringing in brightness to our lives and only then do we start our daily chores. Such is the importance of ‘Sun’. Thus it is no wonder that our composers have used the word ‘Sooriyan’ in many a songs. Here is a peek into some beautiful songs that have the word ‘Sooriyan’ . 

As bright and powerful it is, usually associated with the hero of the song and not to the women who is usually considered gentle, the word ‘Sooriyan’ has many connotations. In the song ‘Merke Merke’ from the movie Kanda naal Mudhal, the connotation is where the hero describes the plight of their situation and thus states a myth about the direction of the sunrise. 

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On the other hand, in the song ‘naan varainthu vaitha sooriyan’ from the movie – Jeyam kondaan, it is a romantic duet, where the lady sings in a romantic encounter manner, where she describes everything positively, just as bright and vibrant as the love she has for the hero. 

In the movie Gilli, the song ‘sura thenga adra adra sooriyana thodra thodra’ has a challenging assumption where touching the sun is given as a challenge, given that we all know it is impossible. On the contrary, the song ‘sudum nilavu sudaatha sooriyan’ is a beautiful romantic number between the hero and the heroine from the movie thambi where there is a hypothetical situation that is imagined – a sun that wouldn’t burn! Such is the imagination levels of r dear lyricists. 

In the song ‘Azhagaana sooriyan’ from the movie Manadhai thirudivitaai, it is a imaginative description, where one assumes that the sun is talking with its eyes and what not! ‘Iravu sooriyan’from the movie Sankarapuram is another example where the connotation of the sun follows an imaginative description too. 

Thus, wherever used, the word ‘Sooriyan’ fits many connotations – romance upto something rigorous!

Sooriyan Padalgal