Yash Raj’s Film MARDAANI Under Fire Of Plagiarism

Rani Mukerji’s much acclaimed film, MARDAANI that is drawing wide acclaims across the nation for its bold presentation of human trafficking has come under the fire of being plagiarized of another Bollywood film released this year, CHILDREN OF WAR, which was earlier titled, THE BASTARD CHILD.

Mrityunjay Devvrat, who has directed the critically acclaimed film CHILDREN OF WAR has alleged that Yash Raj films has not just plagiarized certain scenes from his movie but the basic plot of human trafficking has been lifted from his movie CHILDREN OF WAR.

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It may be noted that CHILDREN OF WAR was recently released in May 2014 and won many critical acclaim for realistically exposing the rape and flesh trade of young Bangladeshi girls and women during the Bangladesh liberation war in 1970. The movie vividly depicted the barbarity and brutality of human trafficking and was conceived after a lot of research which included speaking to journalists, war veterans, refugees and friends, and acquiring and pouring over books that had been banned. The highpoint of the movie was it’s aesthetically presentation. 

Expressing his rage over his movie’s being copied, Mrityunjay Devvrat told media, “From the very fundamental concept of MARDAANI to umpteen scenes, the film director Pradeep Sarkar and producer Aditya Chopra have bluntly adapted my movie CHILDREN OF WAR.” 

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He added, “Regarding the concept I have no issues because human trafficking is common in India and many parts of the world however, what hurts me is that the director Pradeep Sarkar has coolly lifted scenes such as the one where women are hauled into a truck, segregated and then hosed down with a pipe bear striking resemblance with sequences from my film.” 

He added, “The highpoint of my movie was my extensive research and the barbaric and violent scenes of rape and human trafficking presented aesthetically. However it’s devastatingly that the very scenes which I have filmed so glaringly have been plagiarized.” 

“The tragic part is that new directors like me, who make small budget films, do not get the laurels. While big budget film makers like Yash Chopra who borrow our subject and shamelessly steal scenes and sequences win national and international acclaims,” he lamented!