Why Rajnikant Outshines The Khans And Bachchans Of Bollywood? - Part III

In mid 80’s South Superstar Rajnikant made his debut in Bollywood opposite Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan in ANDHA KANOON and like south he was accepted with open hands. 

With Rajnikant’s movie SIVAJI - THE BOSS, he, become the nation’s highest paid actors as he had reportedly charged an exorbitant Rs.16 crores! A fee not paid even to Bollywood’s so-called Superstars, the Khans and Bachchan’s in the year 2007!

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What makes Rajnikant ‘Tall’ amongst Bollywood biggies is the fact that Rajnikant, with his commercial influence limited to the four southern states and no national or international release, yet the sale of his movies go up to Rs 100-200 crore and this is truly mind boggling!

In addition to this readers’ would be surprised to know that when his much publicized movie ‘BABA’ fell short of market expectations accumulating heavy losses for its distributors. Rajnikanth himself returned the losses back to the distributors, a feat never ever witnessed in Bollywood! It is believed the whole affair cost him dear but the Superstar recovered it all with his next release CHANDRAMUKHI, which is claimed to be one of the most successful Tamil films till date as it ran in theatres for over 600 days!

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Rajnikant’s devotion to his work is applauded by all. It’s believed the actor indulges completely in any movie he does. Unlike Bollywood where directors complain about actors like Aamir khan interfering in the movie, in south the directors themselves invite Rajnikant to participate in story session to music. Readers won’t believe Rajnikant has a fan club from whom the actor takes suggestion and as per their taste he delivers the best. Another interesting fact which readers may not know is that in his each movie the actor delivers a punch line like …

En vazni, thani vazni, seendaathe! 

(My path is diverse; do not dare to come in between!) or 

Naan oru thadava sonna nooru thadava sonnamathiri

(My one statement is equivalent to hundred times)

These punch lines are actually picked by a poll contest which is held each time a new movie is announced and from the innumerous punch lines received, Rajnikant himself selects the best line!

For the past 40 years Rajnikant is the undaunted superstar of the south and the most respected citizen. He has been awarded with nation’s highest civilian award Padma Bhushan, today Rajnikant is the highest earning actor of Tamil film industry and a respected name in politics. Readers may recall even, Prime Minster Narendra Modi, too took his blessing while contesting the election.