Rohit Shetty Continues His Magical Touch With SINGHAM 2

Rohit Shetty the director with golden touch has once again proved his magic at the box office. According trade pundits his movie SINGHAM 2, a sequel to his 2011 hit SINGHAM is smashing record collections at the box office. The movie has amassed Rs. 77.64 crore within three days of its release and is fast heading to cross the magical Rs 100 crore mark! 

Speaking about the success of the film Rohit Shetty in a recent interview said, “All I can say is that I give my 100 percent to the film and the rest is up to the audience.” He added, “Film making is a tricky business because a lot of money is at stake. Hence while making a film it is important to see that movie is able to recover the money and rightly so because business is vital otherwise, you won't survive,"

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He continues, “Gone are the days when a movie was judged by the number of weeks it runs in theatres. Today whether the movie runs for a week or more is irrelevant, what is important is the money. Today the bench marks for success is nothing but money. If a movie earns Rs.100 crore or Rs.150 crore or Rs.200 crore; it is declared a hit. 

Hitting back at his detractors who accuse him of just blowing up cars and in the name of content providing nothing, Rohit Shetty said, “Action is an important element in my films because it attracts children and children are supposes to be the biggest draw at cinema halls. Further I do not boost of making the so called art movies that wins critics laurels and awards. I make commercial films and to entertain the audiences I need to blend a lot of things such as reality, dream, heroism and lots of action because that is what my audience wants to see.” 

He lighter vain he confessed, “That’s the reason when I try to make a romantic film, it turns out to be a CHENNAI EXPRESS.”