Remembering ‘DOSTI’ on International Friendship Day

Jivan Ka Yahi Hai Dastur
Pyaar Bina Akela Majabur
Dosti Ko Maane To Sab Dukh Dur
Koi Kaahe Thokar Khaae, Mere Sang Aae...

On the occasion of International Friendship Day that falls on Sunday, August 3 Raaga.Com remembers Bollywood’s black and white classic DOSTI (1964), the movie that redefined friendship between two boys, one blind and the other a cripple.

Till date DOSTI remains the best film dedicated to friendship. Produced and Tarachand Barjatya (Rajshree Pictures) and directed by Satyen Bose the highlight of the movie were its protagonists two young actors Sushil Kumar, who played the role of Ramu, the cripple boy and Sudhir Kumar, the boy who essayed the role of Mohan, the blind boy. Though both the actors made their debuts in the movie yet their performances were so authentic and appealing that the movie became an instant hit despite the missing of the so called necessary ingredient of Bollywood movies like romance, cabaret dance and action

The movie has a simple tale that depicted the sacrifice of a friend for other. Ramu is a brilliant student, who wants to study but destiny makes him cripple and is left to beg on the streets in the cruel city of Mumbai. Here he befriends another ill-fated fellow, Mohan, who is blind and is searching for his sister. To make a living Mohan, who has a good voice sing songs on streets and Ramu who plays harmonica adds glitter to his songs by his music. However the story takes a twist when Mohan learns Ramu’s ambition to study and labors day in and day out to collect money for his examination fees. 

The poignant tale of selfless sacrifice added with Laxmikant Pyarelal’s gem of music leaves the viewers mesmerized. 

Dosti was amongst the top 10 grosser of 1964 and won several Filmfare awards. It won six awards from seven nominations that it received. The awards included Best Film - Tarachand Barjatya; Best Music Director - Laxmikant Pyarelal; Best Story - Ban Bhatt; Best Dialogue - Govind Moonis; Best Playback Singer - Mohammad Rafi and Best Lyricist - Majrooh Sultanpuri 

The movie also participated in the 4th Moscow International Film Festival. 

One wonders why filmmakers of today do make a remake of such classic so that today’s generation will be able to watch the classic of yesteryear and feel pride of our art and culture.


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