Every evening, as the day comes to an end, we think of different things..things we could have done during the day, things we plan to do the following day, things we cherish about the day and so on. After a long day at work, we usually dedicate our evenings for some ‘me’ time and do whatever activities we really enjoy doing. Here is a wonderful list of songs that has the word ‘Maalai’ in it, and this list by itself is unique considering the mood it will set you in. Read further

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Which song in the recent era hits your mind the minute you hear ‘Maalai’ ? Well, we could think of ‘Maalai neram Mazhai thoorum kaalam, en janal oram’ from the movie ‘Aayarathil Oruvan’..how romantic is it? On similar lines is another song ‘Maalai magnum neram’ from the movie Rowthiram. The pattern to be noted here is the sway and lilting tunes usually a part of the tune considering the mood every evening we are in - a relaxed one. 

A wonderful number which every bachelor atleast once his life would have sung is ‘oru maalai ila veyil neram’ upon seeing a girl. This brilliant song by karthik is from the movie Ghajini and has Surya singing in a very romantic maner for his lady love - Asin

Similarly, in the song ‘maalayil yaaro manathodu pesa’ we see the heroine lost in thoughts where she is seen thinking and imagining a bright future. Words like ‘Moham vandhadhe’ etc bring out the romantic nature of the song going very well with the theme of ‘Maalai’ as mentioned earlier. 

Finally we all love the song ‘maalai pozhudu mayakathile naan’ from the movie Bhagyalakshmi is one of Susheela amma’s classic which ofcourse talks about delving oneself into dreams during the evening time

Thus the mood of the ‘evening’ or rather ‘maalai’ is always associated with relaxation, a time to be spent with loved ones and thus in the process also give sometime for oneself.