CBFS Sharpens Scissors For Hollywood Movies Too!

‘Better late than never’ goes the English phrase. Akin to the phrase the Indian Censor Board, which till know censored Hollywood movies with lenience and gave liberty related to sex content and kiss will now be censoring Hollywood movies too with the same benchmark that it applies for Bollywood movies. 

According to reports the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has raised eye brows over the tantalizing and provoking tongue-to-tongue kiss in Lasse Hallstrom's 'THE HUNDRED FOOT JOURNEY', starring Om Puri, Helen Mirrren, Manish Dayal and Charlotte Le Bon. 

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The scene in question is a hot and seductive French kiss between Manish Dayal, (seen as Om Puri's onscreen son Hassan Kadam), and his French girlfriend played by Charlotte Le Bon that has become the sore eye of the CBFC. 

According to the reports the CBFC have chopped the scene from the movie as Reliance Entertainment, the co-producers of 'THE HUNDRED FOOT JOURNEY' was displeased by the 'UA' certificate. Briefing the media, a source from Reliance Entertainment said, “its true CBFC had given us the option to retain the scene with UA certificate but we decided to opt for U certificate as it allows a much wider spectrum of audience to watch the film.” 

Briefing the media the spokesperson from CBFC admitted that it is an attempt to curb allegations of differences in the certification of Indian and international films. 

The spokesperson said, “Gone are the guidelines when the Indian Censor Board gave Holywood movies liberation in case of kissing and intimate scene claiming westerners are more comfortable with indulging in and watch smooching. However ever since Bollywood producer began pointing accusing fingers at us regarding kissing scenes in Bollywood, we have been compelled to be stricter on Hollywood movies too.”