Meena Kumari Bio-Pic Would Remove Misconception Of The Tragedy Queen

Bollywood known for its rat race is once again following the rat race of making films on bio pics thanks to the success of DIRTY PICTURE, made on life South sex bomb Silk Samita; BHAAG MILKHA BHAAG, on sportsman Milkha Singh and ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAI, featuring underworld don Haji Mastan. 

According to the latest buzz a bio pic on the tragedy queen, Meena Kumari is being made by legendary actress Meena Kumari’s step-son Tajdar Amrohi. Manisha Koirala has been roped in to portray the great actress on the silver screen. The movie is supposed to be directed by Shashlilal Nair, famous for giving hit movies like ANGAAR, GRAHAN and EK CHHOTISI LOVE STORY (2002). 

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Tajdar Amrohi, son of eminent filmmaker Kamal Amrohi briefing the media said, “There are many misconceptions regarding Choti Ammi (Meena Kuamri) amongst the people. Hence through the film I wish to remove these misconceptions and present a true story which I know because I have grown in her lap and have seen my father and Choti Ammi’s relation from close quarters.” 

Elaborating on the myths circulated among the people regarding Meena Kumari, Tajdar said, “There are rumors that Choti Ammi took to liquor in dejection after she was robbed of being a mother but the truth is that Choti Ammi had conceived twice but aborted herself due to her personal reasons.” 

Amrohi is confident that the film will put many questions to rest, “I am going to put the truth across in this film. These misconceptions need to be erased,” he said.

Tajdar Amrohi initially wanted eminent director J P Dutta, who made hits like GULAMI, BORDER, REFUGEE etc. to make the movie but as J P Dutt is busy making his own home production, hence he settled for Shashilal Nair. 

In fact Tajdar Amrohi’s obsession for Nair is so intense that he has brought him from Manchester. Tajdar says, “I like the work ethics of south Indian filmmakers, and have been a great fan of Shashi’s films like ANGAAR and GRAHAN.” He added, “I have known Shashlilal Nair for years but we lost touch. I didn’t know where he was in England. Still, I managed to track him down in Manchester and insisted that he accompany me back to India. He came back and we started work on the project immediately.” 

Tajdar claims there will be four actresses playing Meena Kumari, from age six to 39, when she passed away.