Time to jointly welcome the month of Aadi! Raaga.com gives you a heads up on the ‘festivity’ attached to the month. 

Understanding the link of the spiritual and religious connection in the month of Aadi, many business communities , especially in the South, found business facing loss for that month! This was how it led to the concept of ‘Aadi’ Sale, thus facilitating more business transactions. This has now grown to unimaginable proportions where everything is offered at a big discount or some free add-ons to make it more appealing to the consumer.

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The month of Aadi also reminds us of the “Aadi Perukku”, one of the most important days for the agriculturists and farmers. In the Southern region, this marks the beginning of the cultivation season, specifically in the Cauvery delta region. Another reason that marks the importance of this day is that it is the beginning of the rainy season in the Tamil calendar and farmers pray that all rivers flow full and their business flourishes. Farmers too make a lump some during this period as most of the rice and other grains are sold in bulk, which had been stocked up in the warehouses of the previous year are given away at lower prices.

Technology advancement too has adopted the concept of Aadi discounts! Well every ‘Online shopping’ portal charms its set of audience with an array of Aadi. Certain big Store owners with a presence in most of the Southern cities have captured the minds of young tech-savvy customers who do not prefer travelling long distances, but prefers to shop from the comforts of his home or air-conditioned office. Moreover with portals offering services like ‘free home delivery’ and additional discounts, the young group is also on a shopping spree – with just a click!

So what are you waiting for? The markets are calling out to you, just so you avail the best for this year! Make the most of this Auspicious Aadi!