In the fast paced world, and considering that the mindset of the current generation is more ‘on-the-go’ sorts, emotions stir up to them only when there emotionally high value songs, that successfully trigger the deepest of emotions within them, the the parents not going to be with them always..the sudden realization that staying with parents through out one’s life never works.

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In the recent times, one soul-touching song that even bagged a lot of awards is the song ‘kangal neeye kaatrum neeye’ from the movie Muppozhuthum un karpanaigal. The song’s lyrics and the sober tune used carries a lot of depth for the song making it a hit amongst the listeners.

Another beautiful number is ‘Aararo Paada Ingu’ from the movie Aadhalal Kadhal Seiveer. The point to be noted in this song is that it traces back to a flash back setting where the parents reminiscence about the kids growing up.

‘Oru deivam thanda poove’ is a beautiful song from the movie Kannathil muttham ital which features the mother and daughter in the video (Simran and Keerthana). Yet again it is the lyrics and the wonderful score by Rahman that makes each one of us feel connected to our parents in one way or the other while listening to it.

A movie that released keeping in mind the current generation was Abhiyum Naanum. Although the daughter gets married against her dad’s wishes, the story portrays the love a dad has for the daughter. The song ‘Vaa vaa en devathaiye’ is a beautiful song, where we genuinely realize the power of love every parent showers for their kids.

Although mentalluy challenged in the movie ‘Deiva Thirumagal’ , the love for the lead character for his child is impeccable! The song ‘Aaariro Aarariro’ is yet again a powerful song that brings out the love a parent has for the child.