Don’t we all always pray hard to God to give us the best? It is not merely a necessity that people feel we should pray everyday but sometimes we do so, only because we feel asking will lead to giving. The only way by which all our needs may be fulfilled as a want by the one above. Thus each of us pray for different reasons but ofcourse one thing unanimous in everyone’s prayer is the want for happiness. Today we at take a look at few songs that have made a mark although sung as a prayer to god. Something about these film songs make us sing for our own deities too.

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The very first song that is sung in many of the schools too even today is the very famous ‘ Hum ko mann ki shakti’ which was infact initially telecasted in the movie Guddi which landed up making the song so famous. Thanks to the lyrics which clearly depicts one’s ultimate surrender to the Almighty. With almost a similar note structure, the song ‘Kadavul ullame’ is a beautiful one too from the movie ‘Anbulla Rajinikanth’. It is not surprising yet again that we sing this song considering we are praising the lord in the film song.

Ulagayagan’s very famous one as a child artist was this song –‘ Appavum Neeye Appavum Neeye’ and he is seen singing this inside a temple premies, what else do we need to prove this point in a film with such emphasis on lyrical details? Another wonderful song is ‘Ezhudhi Ezhudhi pazhagi vandhen’ from the movie’ Tulasi Maadam’ where they are also seen singing with utmost devotion to the God.

In the recent times, we have seen songs like ‘Kaatril varum geethame’ from the movie Oru Naal Oru Kanavuwhich yet again although a family song, it is sung for the lord and infact it is one beautiful song even a non-musically trained person can sing to show his devotion to God. A brilliant number is ‘Mukunda Mukunda Krishna..’ from the movie Dasavatharam, where we see the heroine singing to the Lord to celebrate a function. This song yet again is commonly heard in every other household these days even as a prayer song. 

The recent song that is doing its rounds now is from the movie ‘thirumanam ennum nikah’, the song ‘ Kannukul pothivaipen en Chella kannane va’, where the lyrics portray strongly the devotion for the lord and the setting is also such that there is a function at their house. 

Thus songs about God’s in films need not necessarily be filmy but at the same time these prayer songs can also be sung at every other household.