This is one raagam that veterans prefer singing even at the start of their concert/ rather to begin a concert with. Its catchy placement of swarams, the usually fast-paced ‘Naatai’ as we all know is every music lover’s favourite! Here are a set of delightful Naatai’s that appear in various films!

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If you are a Rajini fan, you would have definitely watched this movie, but it is a possibility that you might have not imagined that this song would fit in the raaga structure of Naatai. Well yes ‘Thangamagan ingu’ from the movie ‘Badshah’ is a classic example for a Naatai, beautifully composed. Once you get the trace of the raagam, it is not really difficult, even a layman can identify the ragam’s essence. One simple example would be ‘Iyengar veetu azhage’ from the movie Anniyan, a beautiful duet sung by Hariharan and Harini.

A classic in Naatai would be ‘Narumugaye Narumugaye’ from the movie Iruvar – one of Rahman’s classics of course. With Unnikrishnan and Bombay Jaishri in the lead vocals, the Raagam just flows out in every swaram rendered. A popular number amongst the youngsters is ‘Chennai senthamil marandhen unnale’ from M.Kumaran son of Mahalakshmi. If you are a chennaiite, you would definitely would have heard the song and ofcourse as a music lover , we would all know that this is a perfect fit in the ‘Naatai’ raagam structure.

The ragam’s natural scope for extending in various levels is an advantage. Moreover the flowy nature and the swaram’s arranged in a beautiful manner gives a large scope for the romance genre. Infact Illayaraja’s ‘Pani vizhum Malar vanam’ from ‘ninaivellam Nithya’ is also a brilliant one in Naatai.