‘Mohanam’ is one raagam which is very famous in the Tamil film industry. Wondering why we are saying that? Well, its easy structure and carefully placed arohana and avarohana gives a lot of scope for exploration and has infact helped musc directors bring out the best tracks. For any classical music student, they will know the value of the wonderful varnam – ‘Ninnukori’. But any lover of music will be able to associate with the song ‘Ninnukori varnam varnam..Isaithida ennai thedi varanam varanam’ sung by Chitra for the movie Agni Natchathrm. It is not a surprise that this wonderful track was given to us by none other than the maestro Illayaraja himself.

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Another beautiful number in the same raagam that everyone would have definitely heard of is the song from Ullasaparavaigal sung by S.JanakiNaan Undan’. This song was appreciated not only for the beautiful lyrics but also for the wonderful composition by itself that it is. Talking abput S.Janaki amma, one more song strikes us in the same raagam which is ‘naan oru’ for which even S.P.Balasubramaniam and P.Susheela have lent their voices. This track is from the movie Kannil theriyum Kadaigal. Not very famous as a song but definitely a good listen for all the music lovers.

This ragam if adopted as a base raagam offers countless opportunities to expand and bring in another raagam easily into it, thus making it a raaga that composers prefer. Many must have heard the song ‘Poovil Vand’ from the movie Kaadal Oviyam, sung by S.P.B. Another famous track of S.P.B in Mohanam is the song ‘Tohai ilamayil’from the movie Payanagal. Not many are aware of this, but the song ‘Vaan pole vannam’ from the movie Salangai oli, which ofcourse is a very famous song is also based in this raaga.