The anklet is a beautiful adornment that in a way is associated very closely to any woman. While a woman wears it, the sound that comes from the anklet is associated to the graceful walk of the woman. Infact in some houses, it is believed that the married woman should always wear the wonderful anklet to bring in good luck to the house and especially in the South of India, wearing a ‘kolusu’ is associated with prosperity too. Here is a list of songs that have the word ‘kolusu’ in them

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The recently released movie Inam, that had music composed by the recent entrant Vishal Chandrasekhar has a beautiful song ‘kolusum ila’. The thought of kolusu has always set a wonderful romantic thoughts in songs. Few classic examples are ‘Kolusu kolusu’ from the movie Karuvellam pookal and ‘Velli kolusu mani’from the movie Pongi varum kaveri.

The song ‘Kolusu kolusu isai paadum kolusu’ from the film Pen buthi mun buthi is a wonderful duet which has Gauthami and Ramki in the lead. Ofcourse this song was one among the yesteryear hits.

‘Kolusu’ in the following songs have been given a lot of importance too where even close up shots of the kolusu made a lot of sense, infact the lyrics speak in a manner that the ‘kolusu’ is associated well with womanhood – in the song ‘Ennavale adi ennavale’ from the movie Kaadhalan, we can listen to “…undhan kaal kolusuil adhu tholaindhadhendru..” which ofcourse captures any listeners heart. Similarly in “Veeera pandi kotaiyile” from the movie Thiruda Thiruda, the lyrics “kolusu chattham manasai thirudiyadhe” in a way conveys the charm of the anklet, great enough to conquer someone’s heart! 

Ofcourse this beautiful ornament looks good on any woman’s feet and the song ‘Patha kolusu satham nathiyil ketkuthu’ from the movie En nenjil nindra raaganga is a no miss in this list.

So what are you waiting for? Have you bought a kolusu yet for your beloved?