Grandfather of Indian Music Anil Biswas : Part -II

In the last issue we read about Anil Biswas’s super hit music. In this issue let’s take a look at Anilda’s major contribution to Hindi cinema. According to film historians Anilda is suppose to be regarded as the first music director who introduced full orchestra into film music. He also holds the distinction of introducing play backing singing in films. 

The greatness of Anilda can be judged from the fact that eminent music composers like C. Ramachandra, Roshan, Madan Mohan were his disciples, who learnt the nuances of film music. Even music maestro Naushad had high regards for Anilda though he was his contemporary music directory. 

Besides mentoring music stalwarts Anil da played a lion’s share in building the career of Lata Mangeshkar, who then went on to be recognized as Nightingale of India and won the prestigious Bharat Ratna Award. 

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Few may know that during the struggling phase of Lata Mangeshkar it was Anilda who gave her break in ANOKHA PYAR (1948). Remember the hit songs Yaad rakhna chand taro is suhani raat ko’, ‘Ik dii ka lagana baaki tha…’, ‘Ab yaad na kar bhol ja…’ (with Mukesh), ‘Merey phulon mein chhupee hei jawaani….’, ‘Jeewan sapna beet gayaa…’ Lata Mangeshkar, learned the basic nuisance of voice modulation and the breathing technique from Anil dada.

It was the hit songs of ANOKHA PYAR that made Raj Kapoor make notice of Lata Mangeshkar and he signed her to sing for his home production BARSAAT, after which Lata Mangeshkar never looked back. 
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Beginning with legendaries playback singers like Begam Akhtar (ROTI), Zohrabai (GRAMAPHONE SINGER), Sitara Devi (WATAN), Anilda also mentored a number of Bollywood greats, such as Talat Mahmood and Mukesh.

Among the male singers Anilda brought into limelight Mukesh – (PEHLI NAZAR) and Talat Mehmood ( ARZOO). He was also the ‘first’ to present Kishore Kumar in a serious somber vein, in 1953 through Husn bhi hai udaas udaas… (FAREB)

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Among his other credits he was the first music director to experiment Hindustani ragas in ‘popular form’. Remember the song – Ritu aaya ritu jaaye… (HAMDARD) which was based on for different ragas viz., Sarang, Malhar, Jogiya and Bahar. Anilda also introduced Waltz rhythm in the song Hum aur tum aur ye khushi… (ALI BABA)

Despite being a ‘milestone’ in Hindi cinema, Anilda never got his share of acknowledgement in terms of awards. He neither received the popular Filmfare Award nor any National Award. Anilda was also ignored of the greatest honor - Dada Saheb Phalke Award! Nevertheless, Anil da, never complaint. 

He was the composer of Nation’s inspirational anthem – ‘Mann mein hai vishwas, poora hai vishwas, hum honge kamyaab ek din…’

‘Kamyaab’ he did become….. but when he found admirers distancing away….And health biding adieu…. he silently wished…. 

Ae dil mujhe aise jagah le chal, Jahan koyee na hoo….

As he wished, so it happened! On the fateful dawn of May31 he breathed his last!!!