It was only the last year that the Government decided to print a stamp carrying her face. Ofcourse we cannot deny that is not a great achievement.But for a legendary nightingale, this is just one of them. The Bengali based singer Geeta Dutt did not fail to charm all of them with her wonderful voice always. With loads of songs to her credit, she has set for herself a remarkable standard. Geeta Dutt has also made many appearances in various hindi movies. 

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With no dearth for talent overflowing, Geeta Dutt was recognized for her wonderful singing in the evergreen patriotic song of the Nation- ‘Vande Mataram’.Geeta Dutt blessed with a versatile singing style not only has hindi songs to her credit but has also experimented with other styles like song sung in a club with a sensuous touch. She has also sung various bhajans and not only does it stop with that, she has also rendered her voice for various other non-hindi films – a dime a dozen languages!She has sung with vintage singers like Ashok Kumar, Khan Mastana and Surendra. She has also sung with then new-age singers like Subir Sen, Mahendra Kapoor and Meenu Purushottam too.

But none can forget the rapport Geeta Dutt and Mohammaed Rafi shared while singing duets. The best, the evergreen ones that we yearn to listen to even today; credits owed to these wonderful gems in the wide ocean of musical talents.

Today is her death anniversary and is ofcourse a positive way to look at , in the sense , realizing the value of an eternal singer like her. The list is long but it would incomplete if we are not mentioning atleast two of her best songs. Listen to Aaya, Aaya Control Ka Zamana,Nayi Maa aaja ri nindiya,Nayi Maa yehi hamari ram kutharia…and gloat in the wonderful yesteryears of Bollywood music.