When we look at someone, don’t we always look at their eyes and talk? Eye contact is the most communicative non-verbal signal we all make a use of - so much that it sometimes conveys more about our thoughts and feelings than our words. As we all see in most of the movies, when it comes to the old game of love, the beauty of a woman must be seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart - the place where love resides. 

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The eyes are clever little messengers- and can describe any feeling in the mind. The lyricists in Bollywood can’t stop reprising the word “naina” in their compositions. Here we give you the exclusive list of songs the magic word -

The song “Sapnon se bhare naina” from the movie ‘Luck By chance’ talks about the desire in humans’ life about chasing material desires in search of happiness. Rather adopting a philosophical mode, this song is good listen.“Tere Naina” from Chandini Chowk to China, talks about first love and desire- beautifully sung by Shankar Mahadevan and Shreya Ghoshal. This is ofcourse one song you should definitely sing for your lover!

“Tere Naina” from ‘My name is Khan’ is a beautiful rendition of all the emotions the eyes try to convey and the wonderment of blessings and secrets the woman holds. The song has a strong classical touch and ofcourse very appealing every time one listens to it!

“Naina tag lenge” from ‘Omkara’ talks about the deception the eyes can sometimes bring as they don’t differentiate between good and bad, loved ones and strangers causing heartache. Ofcourse we can’t agree less that ‘Eyes do all the talking’.

“Tose Naina ” from “Mickey Virus” is another beautiful song about new love. We suggest you sing this to one person you have a crush on. Extremely romantic and a sure shot success in the lover’s heart!

Tose Naina Laagey” from Anwar is perhaps one of the most mesmerizing songs. The song speaks of a spiritual connection between the star-crossed lovers from different backgrounds. A wonderful melody that it is, it definitely is our all-time favourite!

“Tere mast Mast Do Nain / Dagabaaz Re ” from Dabbang is about the realization of love. A wise choice that you could sing to your lover just after a small quarrel. There is a sure shot that you both will patch up!