Haven’t places always fascinated us? Don’t we all love to travel? We guess that is also the reason why music composers have also made use of various country’s names in various songs that they compose. If you think it is not true, here we have few wonderful examples.

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If ever one wants to travel, they always want to go to Europe. Ofcourse the serene beauty always looks welcoming and one such famous place in Europe is Germany. And which songs pops into your head? ‘Germananiyin sen thaen malare’ from the movie Ullasa Paravaigal is a beautiful composition of Illayaraja. Moving ahead to the US, which is the most famous place? Well isn’t it New York? And needless to say, the A.R.Rahman composition from the movie Sillunu oru kaadhal strikes us and ofcourse the song is ‘New York Nagaram Urangum Neram’ starring our wonderful actors Surya and Jothika which is still considered as one of the best songs to listen to while one is lonely.

Another important continent in this world is ofcourse Africa and what is the song that strikes you? Well we think the best bet is ‘Africa kaatu puli, Aal thinum vettai puli’ from the movie Aalavandhan.The credits should go to the composer ofcourse who relates the vengeance of the hero with that of this animal’s qualities.

Moving forward, isn’t Singapore a wonderful place? Well ‘Singapore Selai’ became quite famous, thanks to the wonderful song from the movie Kalki directed by K.Balachander

Australia has always been an important tourist place and Melbourne ofcourse scores amongst all the places. ‘Telephone manipol siripaval ivala, Melbourne Malarpol meliya magala’ says it all, describing the beauty of the flowers in the place too. This track sung by Hariharan is composed by A.R.Rahman for the movie Indian. To wrap up, ‘Thuppaki’ starring Ilayathalapathy Vijay and Kajal Agarwal has the song ‘Antarctica’, which is ofcourse a fun to listen song.