Anil Biswas Recalls How He Coaxed Mukesh To Sing The Hit Song Dil Jalta Hai - Part II

In the last issue you read how Mukesh won recognition with the super hit song Dil jalta hai… however few are aware that Mukesh had earlier declined to sing the song as he was reluctant to become a singer and aspired to be a hero. 

Read an interesting first hand encounter of music legend Anil Biswas and how he coaxed Mukesh to sing the super hit song Dil jalta hai… that made him a star singer!

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Anil Biswas once narrated this interesting anecdote. He said, “One day famous actor Motilal brought a young and handsome youth to my studio. He introduced the handsome gentlemen as Mukesh Chand Mathur, his cousin. He told me that the Mukesh was a good singer and idolizes K.L.Saigal, the great singer of the 40’s. So I asked Mukesh to display his skills. He closed his eyes and sang the classic K.L. Saigal number Jab dil hi toot gaya….I was left stunned listening to the young man’s voice because he had imitated K.L. Saigal to perfection. I immediately asked him to begin training under me from the next day. He nodded and the two left.

Next day I anticipated Mukesh to come to my studio, however to my dismay he did not turn up. Days passed on and my anticipation turned in to anger. After a week I rang up Motilal and expressed my agony. Motilal understood my annoyance and assured me to bring Mukesh to the office next day. 

Next morning as I sat composing a song with my musicians, I saw Motilal coming alone to my studio. I was extremely aggravated at Mukesh’s absence. Motilal pacified me and told me that Mukesh has refused to become a singer and insists on becoming an actor. I was distressed because I knew Mukesh was destined to become a singer and not an actor.

I was very angry and stormed into the bar where Mukesh used to usually drink in the evening. When Mukesh saw me he promised to come back the next day and sing the song but I had lost faith in him. Hence I took him to the studio and gave a shower to bring him to his senses. Peeved at my stern attitude Mukesh pleaded, ‘Anilda, pardon me I will sing tomorrow. But I said, “I don’t know anything you will sing today and now!” 

Anil Biswas laughed and said if I had not acted tough the world of music would not have been blessed by a singer like Mukesh.