Isn’t it always wonderful to share a legacy with your parents? Moreover with the music industry bringing out some promising singers and composers, there is a lot of hope for the fathers too ofcourse to see the rising star in the family. 

Well ofcourse, we can start of with the Mozart of Music who was inclined towards composing, thanks to his father R.K.Shekhar. Little would he have imagined that his son would bloom into an Oscar winning music director! Same goes with Raja sir’s family too although the important point to remember here is that the entire family is into music. 

Moving to the singers, there is ofcourse a good list. With the recent entrant Siddharth Mahadevan into the playback singing industry, and already delivering many hits, Shankar Mahadevan is surely a happy father. The legacy charted out by the living legend K.J.Yesudas is carried forward by Vijay Yesudas ofcourse who has definitely learnt the nuances form his father and is definitely adopting well in his favour. If there is Yesudas, there is ofcourse S.P.B, the prodigy who with no music training has made a history on his own and ofcourse his son is no less. S.P.B. Charan is also exploring various avenues in music and is also on his way up the ladder on his musical journey.

If there is music, there is also a lot of work that goes behind to make sure the soul of the song is made sensible. Well the lyrics (soul of the song) do matter as much as the music does. And ofcourse thanks to Harivanshrai Bachchan we have another writer-actor- legend – Amitabh Bachchan. And ofcourse we cannot forget to add the very talented Javed Akhtar, whose son Farkhan Akhtar too is now into composing, singing, acting, producing and what not!

The industry welcomes every legend’s heir with open arms. Let’s wait and watch which promising talent enters the field this year!