How Mehul Kumar Created Casting Coup With Raaj Kumar And Nana Patekar!

If Ramesh Sippy created a casting coup by casting two titians of Indian cinema Dilip Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan in the movie SHAKTI, likewise eminent filmmaker Mehul Kumar created ripples in the industry after he announced the casting of Indian cinema’s two most eccentric actors - Raaj Kumar and Nana Patekar in his movie TIRANGAA. 

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Recalling the making of the movie Mehul Kumar in an interview has said, “When I announced the casting of Raaj Kumar and Nana Patekar, the media went berserk and I was written off. A national media wrote Mehul Kumar has dug his own grave by casting the two hot headed actors!” He informed, “Another Hindi daily wrote, “Pata nahin yeh tiranga lehrayega bhi ki nahin…” (I doubt if this Tiranga will ever fly! In addition even the industry seniors were against my choice but I was undeterred.” 

He adds, “When I had signed Raaj Kumar sahab for my movie MARTE DAM TAK (1987) I was terrified similarly by the industry people but when I approached Raaj Kumar sahab with the script he was very kind to me and nodded without any fuss, though I had no big hits under my belt in Bollywood. Thus working with Raaj Kumar sahab was not a problem for me.” 

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He continues, “As regards Nana Patekar, when I narrated the script to him and informed him that I had signed Raaj Kumar opposite him, he was overwhelmed. His only worry was there should not be any interference in the script, before I could assure Nana Patekar, Raaj Kumar guaranteed him that there would no interference. 

Readers would be surprised to know that Mehul Kumar completed TIRANGAA in six months time. 

July 1 marks the birth anniversary of the great filmmaker Mehul Kumar, who rocked Indian Cinema with many hit movies, including the super duper hit movie KRANTIVEER. Raaga. Com wishes the filmmaker many happy returns of the day.