Don’t we all like to freak out for a little while with our near and dear ones? Don’t we all always resort to places that would give us the solace we need and also treat us to beautiful scenery and make us feel one with nature. But well, without movies it would really be possible to see the other side of the wonderful place. Today we take a look at one of the best spots in India, a travelers delight – Goa. As many are aware, many movies have been shot here but not really that the audience would have linked to it. Here’s Raaga.com giving you a heads up.

Well, the movie titled ‘Goa’ that released in the Tamil industry did make the movie popular for all the reasons shot in Goa, giving us an exploration mindset, giving us a tryst of how life at goa is and what not! But one should remember that not just in the recent times but the frenzy for Goa has always existed. Examples would include movies like ‘Jaal’ that was released way back in 1952. Another movie one could recollectof the 60’s era would be ‘Johar mehamood in Goa’. 

For people belonging to the era of the 1990’s and the 2000’s, one movie that would really help them recollect this wonderful place is the very well directed movie – ‘Dil Chahta hai’, which managed to reveal a beautiful side of Goa in a very wonderful manner. The road trip shown in the movie is ofcourse what every friend gang wants to try out!

The goa craze has not stopped there. It has been seen in dime a dozen songs with directors preferring to shot at the scenic splendor. As many say, ‘Goa is definitely India’s Paris’. It is now up to us to take a plunge and make a visit to this beautiful place where these wonderful movies were shot.