In this world where the internet and the computer is dominating, it is not a surprise that our lyricists in this decade are using computer related terms! Well, day in and day out we are always glued to the computer. Most of work also revolves around the computer in this new age. So here is something very exclusive from Raaga, to fit perfectly well to the new era – songs for this decade – computer –based songs!

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One song that created an impact on the onset of the Y2K period was from the movie ‘Hello Doctor heart weak aache’, special attention should be given to terms used in the song, like – ‘scanning’, ‘High Voltage’ etc. One another song that created a wave was ‘O Maria’ from the movie ‘Kaadhalar dinam’. Words like ‘Email il love letter thariya’, ‘Kaadhalukku internet’ etc was so apt for the generation. If there was advancement in technology, there was also the birth of virus and ofcourse the song ‘Hey hey ena aachu unakku’ from the movie Kaadhal virus is a perfect fit here. The song even carries..’Kaadhal virus unnai thaakiyadho’ which ofcourse is very innovative – in its way of linking with romance.

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Without Google, many of us don’t know what internet would look like. One brilliant song that portrays the usage and terms popular in the internet dominant era I, and extremely popular amongst the youngsters is ‘Google Google panni parthen ulagathila’ from the movie Thuppaki. A very trendy song for this generation we must say!

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How can we forget a movie that suits this generation of robotics too? Enthiran is a classic example! And adding the song ‘Irumbile or irudhayam mulaikudho’ is a wonderful song to suit the era where lyrics are based on memory and RAM and romance is brought out in a machine monitored by the computer! One must intently notice the lyrics ‘Shut down ‘e seyamal’ in this song. This is a wonderful example.

Thus, we are living in a world where romance is brought out in equal terms as per the usage of the computer and the various parts associated with it. Very promising indeed.