Don’t we all love it when there is a beautiful breeze? The sight of our hair getting drenched in the breeze. The way the breeze flows makes us feel light and elated somehow. Even if it is hot, we always look for ‘breeze’. Feeling breezy also in a way makes us feel light at emotions too. And undoubtedly our lyricists too love using the word a lot in many a songs! In Tamil ofcourse, ‘Breeze’ is known as ‘Kaatru’. Here is a list of hit songs that have the word ‘Kaatru’ in them, that have appeared in this recent era.

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A song that made a considerable impact was ‘Kaatrin mozhi’ from the movie ‘Mozhi’. Although set in a very sobre tune, the song’s lyrics is what won it brownie points amongst the audience. It was extremely well-received by the people. Adding to it, the star cast definitely made the video too interesting.

From the movie Pithamagan, the song ‘Ilan kaatru veesudhe’, appealed to many. Thanks to ofcourse Illayaraja for the composition and brilliant singing by Sriram parthasarathy, this song had an emotional connect with all of us.

The song ‘Pani kaatre pani kaatre’ from the movie Run is a wonderful and a delightful one to listen to. A duet by Harish Ragavendra and Sadhana Sargam, we all ofcourse love to shake our heads to this number.

Talking about melodies, we cannot forget this specific number! ‘Kaatreen vaasal vandhai’ an evergreen composition from the movie Rhythm stole the hearts of many. Sung by Kavita Krishnamoorthy, this song is just brilliant and ofcourse a romantic one too.

A song with a little carnatic influence too is always good. And this song too did its magic –‘Kaatril varum geethame’ from Oru Naal Oru kanavu which yet again was amazing and made us feel light, just as the beautiful breeze.