He once managed to rule the entire of the Tamil industry as he was one of the top artists amongst the male lead actors. There was something charming about him in all his films that made people love him. Fondly addressed as ‘Kokila’ Mihan, his first venture in the Kannada film industry, Mohan caught a niche place for himself in the Tamil film industry. As recent as the 1980’s, Mohan began his career in the Tamil film industry with the movie ‘moodupani’ alongside wonderful actor like Prathap pothan, shoba etc. with many movies in his kitty, let’s take a quick look at the songs that made a huge hit.

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His romantic solo’s and duets had a special charm. ‘Eeramana Rojaave’ from the movie Ilamai Kaalangalil’ is ofcourse a beautiful one, with a tone of sadness, although made it big amongst the audience.  In the same order, the song ‘Hey I love you’ from the movie ‘Unnai Naansanthithaen’ was a brilliant one, that proved to be a very addictive one. A heart touching number that is a must-add in the Mohan hits would be ‘Ilayanila pozhigiradhu’ from the movie ‘Payanangal mudivadhillai’. The movie thendraleennai thodu has this beautiful number ‘Kannae nee vara’ in Ilaiyaraja’s music yet again that is ofcourse a wonderful track starring Mohan in it. It would be a sin to not add Mouna Ragam to this list and ofcourse as everyone knows this famous song, ‘Mandram Vara thendralukku’, it is wise to add this option here to the hits of Mohan.The list is very exhaustive ofcourse but we cannot miss the song ‘Nilvau thoongum neram’ from the movie Kunguma Chimizh’.

An ace actor with good acting skills, he did have comebacks in the industry and still was welcomed warmly. Infact this year Mohan’s appearance in Kannada stint Asokavana has raised a lot of expections.