Lata Mangeshkar Accomplishes Her Dream

Readers would wonder at the ripe age of 84 years which dream can Lata Mangeshkar accomplish? From name, fame, international recognition to hoards of awards including India’s most esteemed Bharat Ratna award, Lata didi has achieved everything under the sun. However it may come as a surprise to readers that though Lata didi has sung a wide range of songs yet her dream of singing a sufi songs remained unfulfilled.

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Fortunately Lata didi’s dream was accomplished recently when her nephew Baijnath offered her to sing a sufi song in his latest album Ya Rabba released by HMV. LataMangeskar has sung two sufi songs Rabba mera haal da mehram tu… and Ranjha rawaal mange….penned by legendary Sufi poet Hazrat Shah Hussain.

Speaking about her passion for sufi music Lata did said, “I have had the pleasure of singing Meera bhajans, shloks from the Bhagwad Gita, Kabir's dohas and Surdas's poetry but alas I never got the opportunity to sing a chaste sufi song. Hence when my younger sister Meena informed me that Baiju has composed two sufi songs but is hesitant to approach me I called him and cajoled him to do the album.”

Baijnath, son of Pandit Hridaynath Mangeshkar, reacting to Lata Mangeshkar singing to his composition said, “I had been secretly dreaming to rope in my aunty  Lata Mangeshkar to sing but did not had the courage to approach her so I told Meena aunty.” He adds, “I am obliged that Lata aunty agreed and honored me.”