How Manorama Rescued Snake Bite!

Veteran actress Manorama affectionately called as 'Aachi' in Tamil Film Industry needs no introduction. The Padma Shri award winner actress holds the distinction of having acted in 1,500 movies and 1,000 stage performances. She turns 71 today. Raaga.Com wishes her many happy returns of the day and reveals an interesting anecdote how Aachi survived from the bite of a poisonous Russell's viper.”

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Readers would be surprised to know that Aachi who is today hale and healthy would not have been among if her son had not treated her from the snake bite that she suffered during the shooting of the Tamil film KASTHURI MANJAL (1992).

Recalling the dreadful incident Aachi in an interview said, “I was shooting for the movie KASTHURI MANJAL in a forest. Hence the changing room was a makeshift shed. While changing I felt as if I was stung by an insect. I immediately alerted the unit but to my horror the unit found a snake gliding out.”

She added, “The snake was identified as a water snake and killed. Hence we did not consider it seriously. My spot boy, who usually accompanies me sucked out the poison and applied bandaged. However when I reached home my son Bhupathi found me shrinking and breathless. He asked the incident and immediately called the film unit to produce the snake in front of him. When he saw the snake, it was the deadly Russell's viper.”

Later his son immediately rushed his mother to the hospital. The doctors had to inject four viral of anti snake venom to rescue her. 

What may stun readers further is that after recovery, when Aachi recovered she had to shoot a scene where she is bitten by a snake in the movie CHINNA GOWNDER (1992)!!! 


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