Namitha who with her screen presence is dominating the whole of the South Indian Film industry has been seen in many a movie now.  A model who reached her limelight by winning the title Miss Surat, he entry into the films was made very easy. Credits go to director Siddique for having spotted her and introduced her to the Malayalam movie industry initially. But it was a Telugu moie called ‘Sontham’ that made her appearance felt in the industry.

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As much as Namitha dons the name as an item girl, she has also been seen in poised roles as in the case of the movie ‘Engal Anna’ where she shares the screen space with Actor Vijaykanth.

People are extremely frenzy about this lady that few years back, there was even an attempt to kidnap this lady, initiated by one of the fans ofcourse. Her characters in movies like ‘Aai’ , ‘Englishkaaran’ was well accepted in the industry standards.

Her venture to explore the bollywood industry although did not prove to be a very futile one. The movie ‘Love ke chakkar mein’ did not do anything close to giving her a lift in terms of her career in the B-Town. 
One classy movie that can be added in Namitha’s hit list is ofcourse her appearance in the movie Billa. A commanding role for sure, she was even nominated for the best supporting actress award – Telugu. The trend after 2010 has not been too powerful for Namitha, as she has not been seen much on screen. Although this year her fans will not be released as she I busy shooting for the release of Parvathi Pura, a Kannada movie.

Namitha who holds a strong penchant for dancing is also one of the judges of a popular reality dance show.