Don’t we all see a lot of ghosts in Tamil movies? Don’t we all love watching horror films? Some people associate really well with the way the horror turns out to be. Sometimes it is believed that ghosts assume the form of another soul and come back to one’s body with another purpose. Some ghosts are believed to be very lucky, the protecting charm for a certain family. But ghosts can be very creepy at times and makes people do even things like a murder! Check out our exclusive songs where we see ghosts appear!

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The song ‘Naane varuven ingum angum, yarenrtu yar’ from the movie ‘yaaru nee’ is one famous song where we sse the heroine clad in a white saree is seen appearing talking to the guy. Set in a valley/hillock, the song is a soothing song too. Another famous number is the song ‘Vaa arugil vaa’. In this song we see the actors in a dense forest as the ghost appears. From the movie , ‘adhe kangal’, the song sends a cold shiver to the listener and makes us wonder if we will be attacked by a ghost!

Songs like ‘Ore jeevan ondre ullam’ where we see the song play is after the snake in the human form is dead. This song too can be associated with – not the human form , the ghost! Songs like ‘Nenjam marapathillai’ from the movie titled in the same name also can be attributed to singing for the lost soul, the good soul, the protecting soul in this case.

Thus ghosts sometimes have been viewed to scare children in some songs, or to portray the lost love , or sometimes even to show the identity of the past. Nevertheless, if the belief is there, it always is there!


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