Wasn’t our college days the best time of our lives? Didn’t we all love the freedom that was given to us? Did’nt we make the best of friendships there? Collegedays reminds everyone of the naughty times during class hours, fun times with friends, the urge to explore new things and what not? Here is a quick look back at the best ‘College’ songs that have released in Tamil movies.

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The movie ‘Five star’ typically spoke about college friendship way in a very positive way and one captivating song to go with this thought is ‘Five star Five star hurray hurray’. Another touchy song that would infact remind any girl of her college days is ‘Kaloori Malare malare’ from the movie Snehithiye. Another wonderful movie was Enakku 20 unakku 18 which showed various stages of the life of the student until marriage too. And ofcourse the song ‘Oru nanbal irrundhal’ suits the best in this context.

Ninaithaleinikkum starring prithviraj released some years back and ofcourse this movie too captures the various moods of a college student. One specific song titled ‘Nanbanai partha’ reminds anyone of their college days. Such is the impact of the lyrics of the song.

The movie ‘Nee thane en ponvasantham’ also showcases bits of the movie shot in a college period. Infact the opening of the movie begins with a college scene and the song ‘Pudikale Maamu’ which is definitely a fun song in terms of its lyrics.

No college day track list will be complete without mentioning the trademark song ‘Mustafa mustafa’. Every time weall listen to it, we all do land up crying don’t we? College memories remain etched in our hearts and the memories will never fade.


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