Bollywood Chartbuster’s Song Year 1970 – Part –III

In our last issue we read how the music director duo Laxmikant Payrelal despite hit movies like KHILONA, DO RAASTE, JEEVAN MRITYU, HUMJOLI and DARPAN was  not able to fetch the Filmfare award. Also the talented Kalyanji Anandji despite top song Meree Pyaaree Bahaniya Banegee Dulhaniya… (SACHHA JHUTHA) in Binaca Geet Mala hit parade and several hits like GEET, SAFAR, JOHNY MERA NAAM, SACHAA JHUTHA, PURAB AURPASCHIM etc. was not even nominated for the Filmfare Best Music director Award. However what may stun readers is that Shanker Jaikishen, the music director duo who gave a row of flops like BHAI BHAI, DHARTI, JWALA, MERA NAAM JOKER, PAGLA KAHIN KA, TUM HASEEN MAIN JAWAN and UMANG went home winning the coveted Filmfare Best Music director Award for the mediocre music in PEHCHAN, a movie which very few may remember and so does its songs!!

According to insiders Shanker Jaikishen after ruling the 50’s and 60’s had developed obsession for stardom and losing that too in front of music directors like Laxmikant Payrelal (who had assisted them) hurt their egoism. In those days winning a Filmfare Award was rated very highly hence this led to manipulation of awards.

According to a senior journalist, “In the beginning the Filmfare Awards were quite fair but in the late 60’s manipulation of awards began and Shaker Jaikishen were alleged to be involved in this racket.”

Even if one ignores the allegations made on Shaker Jaikishen to be true but the year 1970’s battle for Best Music Director seems unfair.

First of all the deletion of music directors Kalyanji Anandji, not even in nomination, is completely unjustified. Secondly overlooking music wizard Madan Mohan’s exceptional score in HEER RAANJHA was completely shocking. Remember the movie’s priceless songs like Ye Duniya Yeh Mehfil.., Milo Na Tum To..., Do Dil Toote Do Dil Haare...

Lastly the selection of music directors Laxmikant-Pyarelal in DO RAASTE and S.D. Burman  in TALAASH looked justified but the nomination and eventually awarding Shaker Jaikishen for PEHCHAN is totally unjust because music lovers can immediately identify hits songs Bindiya Chamkegi...; Yeh Reshmi Zulfen...; Chup Gaye Sare Nazare... and Khiza Ke Phool Mere Naseeb Mein... from LP ‘s DO RAASTE. Likewise S.D.Burman’s music in Rajendra Kumar and Sharmila Tagore hit movie TALAASH is still on our lips. Who can forget Palkon ke peeche se jo tumne...; Khai Hai Re Hum Ne Qasam...; Aaj KiJunli Raat Ma...Tere Naina Talash Karen and the fabulous tribute to mother Meri Duniya Hai Maa…      

But does anybody remember the movie PEHCHAN or its song??? Well few songs from the movie like Vo Pari Kahaan Se Laaun, Bas Yehi Apradh Main Har Baar …  and Sabse Bada Nadaan...are hummable but are they worth awarding?

Raaga.Com leaves on readers to analysis whether Shanker Jaikishen were justified in receiving the Best Music Director Award or not!