Bollywood Chartbuster’s Song Year 1970 – Part –II

In our last issue we read that Kalyanji Anandji dominated in 1970 and their song their song Meree Pyaaree Bahaniya Banegee Dulhaniya.. (SACHHA JHUTHA)  at won the top position in the prestigious Binaca Geet Mala, the Top 10 annual  musical countdown.

At number two position the music director who stole thunder were Laxmikant Payrelal with as many as four super hits movies like KHILONA, JEEVAN MRITYU, HUMJOLI and DARPAN

Though Laxmikant Payrelal dominated with maximum hits they could not reach the top three ranks of the Binaca Hit Parade. In those days Binaca Geet Mala was the only barometer for judging a music director’s credential and the popularity of his songs among the people.

Each week Ameen Sayani, the anchor of the radio show, Binaca Geet Mala, aired from radio Ceylon (now called Sri Lanka) rated Top 20 songs as per the sale of records and the listeners voting. The annual list included 30 top song of the year and the music directors of the top 10 songs were considered as star music directors.

Though Laxmikant Payrelal could not register their name in the list of top three yet the duo had three songs in the Top 10 annual list, an incredible achievement! The songs were Khilona Jaan Kar Tum To Meraa Dil Tod Jaate Ho ...KHILONA at fifth position; Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Ga re mere sang mere sajna .. from ABHINETRI at eighth position and SharifonKaa Zamaane Men, Sharaafat Chhod Di MainneSHARAAFAT at ninth position.

Interestingly LP other hits like Jhilmil Sitaro Ka Aangan Hoga... (JEEVAN MRITU); Hai Re Hai, Neend Nahi Aaye (HUMJOLI) were quit down the ladder. Further songs like Darpan Jhoot Na Bole.. (DARPAN); Das gayi dasgayi das gayi (HIMMAT) etc could not find place in the annual hit parade. Few other gems of LP this year included Duniya se jaane wale jaane chale jaate hain kahan (PUSHPAANJALI), Shaadi Ke Liye Razaamand Kar Li...(DEVI) and Aaya re khilone wala khel khilone leke aaya re ..( BACHPAN)

Regarding the Filmfare Awards Laxmikant Payrelal were nominated for KHILONA but lost to Shanker Jaikishen for their mediocre score in PEHCHAN.


In the next issue read about the super hit songs of Shanker Jaikishen’s in the count  list and how the duo allegedly manipulated to win Filmfare Awards.