This talented man entered the industry as a composer but his talent and inquisitiveness has taken him beyond composing, even leading him to the roles of an actor.

Devi Sri Prasad who initially focused on the Telugu film industry, was filled with a dime a dozen offers. His style in one way was unique. His way of putting across peppy rhythms appealed to the audience at large. With ShankarDada MBBS making a release a decade ago, he was surely on the road to success.

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Devi Sri Prasad has made several cameo roles too. Movies worth a mention would include the above mentioned movie, Shankar Dada MBBS. This movie we could say was definitely a lottery win in his career path, making him reach to the audience at large. As an actor, Devi Sri Prasad made an appearance last year too in the movie Ataarinteki Dharedi.

Devi’s talent does not stop with just composing and acting. A wonderful lyricist that he is, he gives a lot of emphasis on the way lyrics is used. He usually pens atleast a single track for the movies that he takes up for composing. One song close to a lot of people’s heart is ofcourse –from the movie Anandam which is Premante emitante.

2014 we hear is pretty packed for this music director as he has many a number to his kitty. We hear there about 5 -6 films waiting to released this year. What is more surprising that we also understood that the busy man is also working on the music that is scheduled to release in 2015 now itself. It is amazing to note that a wonderful talent is going more places.

Raaga.com wishes this talented composer, a gift to the industry a wonderful journey ahead.