If you loved Illayaraaja’s voice, you will ofcourse relate to this youngster’s voice as well. Wondering why we are telling you this? Well it is because we are talking about our Maestro’s son and well the geniusness in his music can also be seen. gives to you a quick look back at Karthik Raaja hits.

Karthikraaja started his career in music way back in 1996 with the movie  Maanickam. What bought Karthik to get noticed in the crowd was ofcourse Ulaasam which hit the theatres in 1997. The song ‘Veesum kaatrukku’ from the movies is the best out of the album ofcourse.

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Karthikraaja has worked in Hindi too in albums namely Meri Jaan Hindustan, Haule Haule etc.  Even in 2008 he composed for Mukhbir in Hindi. Kaarthikraaja has also been roped in for Kannada films in his early career stage.

In the mid 2000’s Kaarthikraaja’s ‘Kudaikkul mazhai’ became a mass hit amongst the audienceand ‘Adiye’ emerged as the favourite track for all. 2006 was comparatively a bright year for kaarthikraaja as mercury pookal’s sound tracks was welcomed pretty well by the audience.

A classic hit of Kaathikraaja would ofcourse be his album ‘Pudhiya geethai’ starring our wonderful Ilaiyathalapathy Vijay as the hero and the best track that we would give a high rank to is ‘Vasiyakaara vasiyakaara’ which did have a different sound to it and deviated our attention from something very normal. Kudos to Kaarthik raja for that ofcourse.

Well in the last recent years, there has not been many releases for Kaarthikraaja after Achamundu Achamundu starring Prassanna and Sneha which released in the year wishes tosee many different tracks form this music director in the coming year.