The love that a father showcases towards his children is eternal and that too if it is his daughter, the love for her is totally on a different note. He sees her as a friend, a philosohpeher, a mother, a guide in his life teaching him new things every day. According to any father, his daughter is the big est asset he could ask for.

The first movie that strikes us that was released in the recent era is ‘Abhiyum Nanum’ where we see the adoration Prakash Raj has for his daughter Trisha. His over protective nature by itself stands testimony to whateach father has about his own daughter – the concern that she should always be in safe hands. The beautiful song from this movie would be ‘Vaa vaa en devadhaye’, a wonderful listen.

Similarly the movie Deivathirumagal portrays Vikram in a role as a father showering all his love for Nila (name of his daughter in the movie).’Aariro’ from this movie is definitely a soul touching number rendered by Haricharan.

Another wonderful movie that brings out the true affection of a father towards his daughter is ‘Acchamundu Achamundu’ where we see Prassana showcasing extreme love towards the end of the story too once he realizes his daughter is in trouble.

Who can forget the wonderful acting by our Ulaganayagan in the movie ‘Mahanadi’ after he sees his daughter in a destitute state? ‘Sri ranga ranga’ is a wonderful father- daughter combination song in this movie , picturised  with ease.

For any father, ‘parenthood’ is a very challenging aspect. The bond that a father and daughter develops needs no explanation and it is a beautiful feeling that happens with a spark! Cheers to all the wonderful daddy’s and daughter’s out there!