Astounding Abheri

Did you enjoy listening to the song 'Kana Kandein adi' from the movie 'Parthiban Kanavu'? Did the musical notes have any effect you? If yes, read further. It is definitely the magic of the ragam. The raga in which this song is based is called 'Abheri'. Known as 'Bhimplaas' in the north, this ragam provides scope for a range of developments in terms of notations, thanks to its structure.

A popular number which traditionally sticks to the 'Abheri' ragam format is the famous song singara velane dheva from the movie Konjum Salangai. Abheri does its bit in bringing out a romantic feel to the songs too. A wonderful example is 'Guruvayurappa' echoing in Chithra's voice in the movie 'Pudhu Pudhu arthangal'.

Due to its catchy and fast paced scope that the raga by itself provides, we can witness many fast rhytmed songs too in this raaga. One such song would be 'Kannodu Kanbathellam' from the movie 'Jeans'. Speaking of fast paced songs with apt rhythms, how can we forget the brilliant composition by the Mozart of Madraas for the movie Thalapathy? Do you remember shaking a leg for 'Raakamma Kaiya Thattu'. Ofcourse, we are sure it is the excitement that the ragam by itself brings, which sets everyone's spirits high.

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When the movie 'Thillu mullu' released recently, there was one song which was redone with a different singer but ofcourse the song and its structure due to its popularity remained unchanged even in the recent version. If 'Ragangal padinaru' song crossed your head, you are absolutely right. This song is also one of the best compositions in the Abheri ragam.

Flaunting its versatile structure, Abheri is one ragam that somehow or the other does not fail to lift up the spirits of the listener. Tune in to our exclusive 'Abheri' ragam songs.