Colourful Beginnings

Haven't colours always fascinated us? Don't we all love to wear colourful clothes? But when used in songs it does give us an altogether different feel. It maybe because of the qualities we associate with each colour or just because each colour on its own has a starking significance. Here is a look at popular songs which have mentioned 'colours'.

The recent hit in 2013 would definitely be the first song that strikes you. Yes we are talking about 'Oodha' colour ribbon. Talking about oodha, Vijay starring song, 'oodha oodha poo' is one more beautiful number.

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The song with its rhyming lyrics too captured all our attention. Going few years back, 'Manja' Kaatu maaina grabbed all our attention. That was also because of entertaining dance from Prabhudeva. Talking about colours, who can forget the song 'Pachai nirame'? Well almost all the colours are in there. Aren't they? Did you also know the colour word used in the song sets the feel too? A classic example would be 'Velai' pura ondru engudhu. Why this song is the thought running in your head? Well 'White' is always associated with something pure too. And in the same way one can attribute love to being the purest form of affection for someone and ofcourse white depicts it the best. "Vellai pookal"  ofcourse is another anyone would associate with peace. Don't we all agree that this colour brings out a calming effect?

Black on the other hand always had a negative connotation. But thanks to 'Karuppu dhan enakku pudicha colour" , it actually created positive ripples and ofcourse until today it is many of our favourites.Be it any colour, we must understand that each colour on its own has a beauty and the song definitely brings out the best of it.