Magical Moments - 'Mother'

A 'mother' is a beautiful entity. She is the most beautiful person that we all attribute our success to. 'Amma' as we all fondly call, is the reason behind each one's existence; her unconditional love knows no bounds. Time to relive your best moments with your mother as you tune into our best 'Amma' Songs in Tamil.

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'Amma vendrazhaikaadha uyir ilaiye'starring the Superstar from the movie Mannan is everyone's favourite and undoubtedly it is one song that anyone can make a connect with. Echoing in K.J.Yesudas' voice, the song instills essence of a 'mother's' unconditional love. In the recent past, 'Kaalayil Dhinamum Kan vizhithal' in Unnikrishnan's voice from the movie New is a soul soothing song highlighting the importance 'her' love yet again.

The movie Muppozhudum un Karpanaigal has another beautiful song based on 'Amma'. The song 'Kangal Neeye Kaatrum Neeye' triggers the emotions of many each time one listens to it. The soul captivating lyrics written by Thamarai won even the Vijay Awards for her. The movie Siruthai yet again captured the role of a mother in one's life with the scintillating 'Araaroaariraro', where even the pain of separation is highlighted. 'Neeye Neeye' from M.Kumaran Son of Mahalakshmi reached many ears, thanks to Nadhiya's comeback and moreover even many single mothers could associate well with the song.

Tuning back to the old times, none can forget A.R.Rahman's classic 'Chinna Thaayaval' from the movie Thalapathy. With a sing-song lullaby feel it, many mothers even sing it as a lullaby song for their own kids! Such is the power of this song! But yes, one ever-green Amma song that even reality shows have popularized is  S.P.Balasubramaniam's 'Naanaaga Naanillai Thaaye' from the movie Thoongathey Thambi Thoongathey.

Whatever maybe the reason behind portraying the 'Amma' feeling in the movie, one common reason between these songs is that they all attach the value of 'unconditional love' any mother gives her child.