Is ‘HIPNATIC’ Here to stay?

With a whirl of fusion taking over the music industry, it is interesting to understand that in the coming years, the evolution of ‘Hipnatic’ may conquer the hearts of many music lovers. For those wondering what ‘Hipnatic’ is, it is nothing but mixing Carnatic Music with Hip-Hop beats !

Considering it as a innovative way of packaging music to reach out to the audience at large, ‘Hipnatic’ will not only cater to the current mindset of the youth but will also in a way help Carnatic music enthusiasts rush back to ever-green ‘Keerthanams’ and ‘Varnams’ in a new ‘avatar’. The merging of the two different genres will definitely appeal to the youngsters but may not to the conservative Carnatic music lovers.

Keeping in mind, the recent songs in the Tamil film industry music, for instance ‘Enamo Yedho’ from the movie ‘Ko’, we witnessed inclusion of ‘Rap’ and when analyzing the mass appeal that the song created, it was definitely a hit. But the other facet to be thought of is whether such inclusion involving various genres in film music, is diverging the original genre leading to loss in the uniqueness of the genus?

Considering that Classical music has stirred off its platform to assume a position amongst various other magnificent genres of music across the world, it is essential we understand how ‘Hipnatic’ may change the scenario. Talking in specific about the Carnatic Music genre, a non- Carnatic music lover may speculate if the genre as a whole is dying and hence are these mere ways to keep it alive? But one can argue that it is the prejudice revolving around classical music, that it is a thing of the ‘times of yore’ may also be the reason why music enthusiasts are coming up with such new genres, with a touch of Carnatic music appeal. On the contrary, we could even say that such innovations may in a way harm the classical music landscape and may fragment it further.

Thus we can argue that by bringing out such new genres, it may clanger Carnatic music’s lasting effect on culture but we can also see it positively and attribute it as a silent renaissance in progress. We can conclude that such ‘additions’ to classical music has occurred due to changes in culture, which in turn has exaggerated and distorted the musical needs. We can still approve of, value and love Carnatic music and sustain it, considering it is the pride of South India. On the other hand, such new evolutions can also be accepted and mulled over in addition to the ocean of ‘Carnatic Music’.

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