A Tribute to the Little Master

With the 'Bharat Ratna' bestowed on the Little Master, there has been more love showering on the Master Blaster  with messages from Cricket lovers, aspiring cricketers , critics etc. As Sachin was knocked off a for 74-run on the 15th of November, everyone's eyes missed a blink. To make sure all Sachin fans relive the 'Sachin' moments, many initiatives from various forums across the country have been commenced. One such initiative by Jithin Roshan is the exclusive track "We Miss you Sachin", a musical tribute to the Little Master instilling a feeling of a 'strong bond' with the player himself for any listener.
The farewell tribute has been released in two languages, Tamil and English. Richard has penned down the lyrics in English while Raajee has contributed for the Tamil version lyrics. The song does not fail to embellish a full repertoire of classy shots of the 'God of Cricket' during the radiant 24-year career.
The track runs for just four and a half minutes but the lyrics does not fail to capture the hearts of all listeners. The singer conveys that the strong emotion of 'missing' the player on field. Attributing to the greatest Batsman of all times, he salutes the God of Cricket. The aura that Sachin Tendulkar has created for the country he brings out the essence that right anyone's childhood, he used to be the star on field. The song conveys that Cricket without Sachin is Life without heartbeat. The emotional appeal of the song captures how 'Cricket' as a game will never be the same after Sachin's retirement. Thanking Sachin for the best 'Cricket Moments', the singer instills an emotion that the game by itself may always be bigger than Sachin, but the key point is that the game will surely miss the 'Master Blaster' innings.
One must remember that although so many years went by after that elusive World Cup, the hunger inside Sachin never died. The man bought laurels for the country, the man who can never be replaced by another player.For all the Cricket fans, Sachin is and will always be one of the brightest days of cricket but he is not ageless. If you do miss him, just tune in to this wonderful song which will surely traverse you to a world of reminiscences.